Bespoke Products

Stainless Steel Biocontainer Tote 50L-5000L

Types of Biocontainers

The Strikebox Biocontainer range cater for larger volumes of delicate and hazzardous fluids used in the Bioprocess. All customizable and interchangable Tote features include:

  • Bag hoist systems
  • Viewing port holes
  • 2D and 3D bag ports
  • Dolley wheels for portability
  • Designed to match filling , draining and processing ports
  • Sizes from 50 litres to 5000 litres
  • Ability to be split for smaller batches
  • Optional door designs
  • Stackable frames
  • Tube storage
  • Document holders
  • Bulit in thermometers
  • Lockable handles
  • Sloped floor

Strikebox Engineering Biocontainer is designed for single-use systems in the biopharmaceutical sector and related pharmaceutical activities. The biocontainers incorporate state-of-the art design features that not only improve the design and robustness of single-use systems but bring considerable advantages in terms of ease of use and product recovery when dealing with large volumes.

Stainless Steel Biocontainer is used for storage and handling of bulk liquids. Compatible with all major bag manufacturers in the Bioprocess.

Here at Strikebox we design and manufacture a range of biocontainers, from 50 litres to 5,000 litres for the Irish and greater international market.

Custom designed to match filling , draining and processing ports to meet the customers requirements.

Biocontainer Quality

Our biocontainers are designed and built under our strict quality system, we work under ISO 9001, and BS EN 9606-1. Biocontainer design can be tested using simulation software and reports can be provided on request.