Reject Bin

Stainless Steel mobile reject bin.

3 way Chute System


Custom made 3 way Chute. Mirror polished Stainless Steel. PTFE Lined.

Mirror Polished Work Station

Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Work Station, with soft closing drawer.

Pneumatically Operated 3 way Chute System


Custom made Pneumatically Operated 3 way Chute System. PTFE Lined drop chute. This chute system was designed and manufacture to operate under a 250 tonne Fanuc injection molding machine.

Kan Ban Unit

Stainless Steel Kan Ban Unit designed and manufactured to hold set up blocks. Adhering to food environment best design and manufacture practice.

Cleanroom Storage Cage

Cleanroom environment lockable mobile Stainless Steel Storage cage.

Remote Monitoring Station

Custom Designed Remote Monitoring Station, designed to house water dept sensors, back up batteries and circuitry. Robust enough to withstand extreme environments, vandal proof, all 316 grade Stainless Steel.

Mold Purge Tank

When a mold is connected and activated with compressed air, process water from the mold is forced into the mold purge tank. This can easily be discharged outside the clean-room. Our tanks are fitted with a multi-stage filter that removes 99.9999% of Liquid (Water & Oil) 99 % solid particulates down to 1┬Á. This unique multi stage Compressed Air Filter requires NO Replacement elements. Servicing costs are ZERO. Ideal for clean room use.

All tanks come supplied with optical level indicators, and pressure release valves.

Assembly Station

Custom designed, Mobile Stainless Steel Assembly Station.