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Custom Manifolds


Strikebox make a range of stainless-steel manifolds to suit the injection molding industry.

Manifolds are tailored to each machine, can be supplied with brackets, can be supplied in configurations, i.e. The number of ports from 1 port up to 32 ports.

An entry top, bottom, side to suit the machine or the requirements of the company. The manifolds can be split and brackets can be supplied to suit fixing to whatever is required on the machine and manifolds can be supplied with tested certificates if required. All our manifolds come as standard pressure tested to 7 bar. Further certification can be supplied on request.

Building process fluid distribution systems for semiconductor fabs is a complex task. Project managers juggle the logistics of materials and services from various suppliers while transforming designs on paper into reality.

Strikebox will work with the client to design, manufacture and install a Manifolds specific to their process equipment. Each Manifold is bespoke and can be designed with any function, product or application added to the final design.

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