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Cleanroom Workstations


Strikebox Engineering designs and fabricates bespoke workstations, desks and table that are particularly designed to the customers’ requirements and perimeters. We have countless interchangeable features for each bespoke workstation that meets the needs of any function in cleanrooms and hygienic areas.

Perfect unit for cleanrooms and laboratories that require hygienic raw materials to ensure no bacteria can spread. Can be cleaned using alcohol and other cleaning supplies.

Strikebox adjusts tables and workstations for the end users space constraints and ensures the customers functions are not compromised.

Made in Ireland from 304 grade stainless-steel. To facilitate cleanliness and maintain hygiene.  Workstations can be powder coated to the end users desired colour.

All-welded design

Stainless Steel castors – lockable

Built in electrical and Ethernet sockets

Strikebox offers a perforated or solid top working surface of its work stations and tables. Laminar flow cleanrooms require a perforated top. Strikebox allows the customer to determine the length, width, and depth of the of the working surface to configure the cleanroom ergonomic workstations.

Worldwide shipping available.

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