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Chute Systems and Injection Mould Systems


A chute or a system of chutes is simply described as an inclined plane sloping channel or passage down or through which things may pass. In summary is a pipe or trough that is sized properly and at the correct slope or angle to guarantee the material will slide that it needs to be transported.

During recent years, we have developed and manufactured individual solutions for peripheral equipment for injection molding machines. These include, but are not limited to:-

  • Sorting units / distributor chutes
  • Conveyor system / length conveyor
  • Down streams
  • Box changer unit
  • End of conveyor chute systems

Primarily are designed for each application that would be for small parts, large parts, powder or liquid.

The basic design can involve anything from separating into flat chutes, two diversion chutes or three diversion chutes. And this can be used in many applications like tablet industry, injection molding, or fluid.

Our designs, incorporate no hang up on product designs, no shoulders, no pinch or catch points for product and no instance of rejection.

They can be actuated on a number of different things we actually hit on with a number of different mechanisms, including air, electronic system, usually controlled by PLC’s from the machine.

Strikebox chutes can have a number of finishes, including stainless steel, aluminum and mild steel. Depending on the application they can also be lined with CVA or rubber.

Chutes are product dependent. Owner should minimise the risk of loosening fasteners so the fastener doesn’t become detatched and fall into the chutes.

We aim to minimise the footprint as in, it won’t take up too much room and thereby maximise floor rates.

Strikebox will work with the client to design, manufacture and install a chute system that is specific to their process equipment. Each Chute is bespoke and can be designed with any function, product or application added to the final design.

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