The Strikebox Mission


Since 1996, Strikebox has been a leader in delivering customised single-use, stainless steel, and plastic solutions and services for manufacturing in the biopharmaceutical industry. A majority of the world’s pharmaceutical and biotech companies are Strikebox customers, with many of today’s leading therapies manufactured by processes and equipment manufactured by Strikebox.

Stainless Steel & Plastic Manufacturing.

Cleanroom Bioprocess Experts

Customised bioprocess solutions and services for biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Why Strikebox?

We are here to create seamless solutions to your problems.

Based in Ireland, Strikebox has a global reach serving clients such as Multinational manufacturers and medium-sized enterprises. Strikebox has an in-house design team and fabrication team that are experts in bespoke stainless-steel solutions.The Strikebox Mission is to assist these industries with bespoke stainless-steel equipment in a challenging time. Strikebox management has over 70 years of combined experience fabricating and working in these industries to ensure our products are one of the best on the market. We do this with onsite consultation, equipment integration and active communication with clients.

Strikebox provides high quality solutions with thorough manufacturing processes across procurement, design, fabrication and testing. Strikebox solutions are reliable, durable and highly rated by our clients in the pharma and manufacturing industries.

Strikebox Engineering have been awarded ISO 9001; 2015 Quality Management Certificate by Intertek Certification Limited. We achieved maximum accreditation in recognition of the quality of, and our commitment to the QMS System in place at Strikebox Engineering. At Strikebox Engineering, our Welders are Certified to Standards BS EN 9606-1 : 2013.

Strikebox solutions are respected in the industry as great value for money. We price fairly and reasonably for each order regardless of company size. Our bespoke solutions are individually crafted and created for the end user’s specific needs. We use high quality materials, expert designers and highly skilled craftsmen to create solutions for the client.

Strikebox in-house design team create solutions with the safety of end users as a prime concern. Stainless-steel components are smoothed to ensure no abrasion, sharp edges or areas an internal product can get caught. Strikebox has a track record of no safety issues across all our products, in all our years in business.

Our Products

We supply a broad range of products for the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and scientific industries.

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